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Finding Our New Normal

Here at Abbotsford Hospice Society, we understand that the death of a loved one can affect the whole family. But how it affects each member of the family is as unique as that individual. We have supports in place for all ages. Children and teens grieve differently than adults and our services reflect that.

Laura and her children are one such family.

“As my mom's health started to decline last April, my father and I were introduced to Holmberg House and we knew this was where she should spend her final days. She deserved the best care possible to reflect the life that she lived. I often reflect on our experience there and how grateful I am that my mom was able to pass on from this life surrounded by her closest family and friends. Our family never received anything but empathy, kindness, and warmth from the staff and volunteers. They not only supported her but they also supported my entire family in our grief. They answered all of our questions and prepared us for what was to come.”

After her mom passed away here at Holmberg House, Laura needed to support her two young children through their grief, while Laura was also dealing with her own. Abbotsford Hospice Society was able to join them in their journey to offer support where they needed it.

“I had no idea that Holmberg House offered supportive care to families after their loved ones passed. This has proved to be invaluable to my kids and I over the past year. Having a place like Holmberg House where we can go and be surrounded by people who care has been instrumental as we find our new normal. Even after all of these months, the volunteers continue to support me the way they always have.”

Our generous donors ensure that families like Laura’s and many others like them have access to the services they need during their time of grief and loss.

“I am extremely grateful for the ongoing support from the amazing staff and volunteers. I know that none of these programs and opportunities would be available without donations so I want to give my sincerest thank you to all of the generous donors who contribute to the services provided at Holmberg House. My family and I will continue to donate to the hospice society because it has really meant a lot to us to have such an amazing support in our community.”

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