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Volunteers are the heart of our hospice.

As a non-profit registered charity, the Abbotsford Hospice & Grief Support Society relies on

its volunteers to play a key role in all of our services and programs.


Our Volunteer Training Course includes 30 hours of in-person training that will provide you with the opportunity to understand the role of volunteers in a hospice palliative care facility. It aims to provide you with the relevant knowledge and experience to thrive in your role as a hospice palliative care volunteer.

Please note there is a $125 fee to take this course (this fee includes course materials including the textbook.) Payments can be made online through your application or in person during your onboarding appointment

Volunteer Roles & Opportunities:

Volunteer Requirements:

Client Support

One-to-One Companions

Hospital and Home Visitors

Support Group Facilitators

Pet Therapy

Society Support

Holmberg House hosts

Office Support

Events & Fundraising

Complimentary Therapy





Healing Touch 

  • The ability to make a minimum of a one-year commitment on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

  • Volunteers will receive training on our Volunteer Schedule Application and will be required to utilize it. 

  • Volunteers are required to attend 3-4 quarterly volunteer meetings a year. 

Benefits of Volunteering with AHGSS

  • Having the privilege of sharing the journey with clients/residents and their loved ones.

  • Developing and strengthening skills and abilities in communication, compassion, and caring (volunteers are well-rounded, learning skills they can use on the job, at home or in communicating with others)

  • Gaining new experiences (volunteering gives you the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds)

  • Feeling the personal satisfaction of helping others

  • Making a difference in your community

  • Becoming a valued member of a dedicated and supportive interdisciplinary team

  • Gaining deeper knowledge about life, death and bereavement

  • Opportunities for growth through volunteer training and regular learning opportunities

  • Giving your time, talents and skills to those in need

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For more information on volunteer opportunities, email 

or call our office at 604-852-2456 

Volunteer Spotlight

"It is humbling to volunteer for Abbotsford Hospice Society.  I have had many profound experiences during my years with the organization. It is an absolute honour to share this sacred time and space with so many clients and their families.  Sometimes this includes listening to life stories, just sitting quietly with someone, reading to them, praying with them, or comforting their family members with a listening ear or even just a cup of hot tea."


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