Children & Youth Grief Support

We believe that a child old enough to love is old enough to grieve. We provide opportunities for children as young as 3 and their families to share their grief stories, connect, and learn healthy coping strategies to further their healing through their unique grief journey.

Our services are designed to allow children & youth to explore their feelings in a supportive environment through expressive arts, interactive experiences and activities. They will have the opportunity to develop skills to deal with grief in safe and healthy ways, while meeting other grieving children & youth to recognize that they are not alone. 

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Our Children & Youth grief support services include in-person one-to-one companioning, as well as a variety of support groups specifically designed for the various ages between 3 and 18. Throughout the year, there are also various activities and events planned to match the needs of our current clients. These can include equine-therapy camps, summer camps, and our annual Teddy Bear Picnic.

Ongoing Grief Support Groups & Events

Lighthouse Children's Grief Group  ages 6-10

Children get to take part in various coping activities to help them to express their feelings of grief and loss in healthy ways. Topics covered in this group will include feelings associated with grief, a focus on anger and how to deal with anger in healthy ways, life cycles, rituals, how to deal with grief as they get older and go through milestones in their lives, and remembering their loved one.

Caring Corridors Tween/Teen Grief Group  ages 10-13 & 13-16

Participants work together through a series of lessons, in which they learn and practice healthy coping skills and are given the opportunity to share some of their grief stories with their peers. and practicing healthy coping skills and within a supportive peer group

Healing Hearts Teen Grief Group  ages 15-18

This group is geared towards those who have already completed the Caring Corridors Group. Participants receive grief support through peer interactions, and theme based lessons. Teens are guided through a variety of lessons where they explore some of the impacts grief can have emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. Participants are invited to share their perspectives, as well as learn some positive grief management strategies they can apply across various life experiences and situations.

Events for Children, Youth and Families

Every year these events offer children, youth and their families a safe place to gather and remember their loved ones in unique and special ways. 

For a complete list of all our annual events click here.

Group Companioning Grief Support all ages

Once a week, children & youth get an opportunity to spend time with other children who are dealing with grief while being supported by a group of volunteer companions who have been trained by the hospice to provide companioning support for those who are dealing with grief and loss. The participants get to do art, play games, or go out to the playground with the companions.

Kids Care Anticipatory Grief Group ages 3-12

This group is for children who are anticipating the death of a loved one. The children get to express their feelings by doing art, playing games, or going out to the playground with volunteer companions and other children who are also anticipating the death of a loved one.

Family Art Connections all ages

Children & youth clients, along with their families, are invited to create art or special commemorative pieces together, in memory of their loved one.

One-to-One Companioning Support ages 3-13

Children who are anticipating the loss, or have experienced the loss of a loved one, get a chance to work with the Children’s Services Manager and/or the Children’s Services Coordinator for 4-8 sessions using play and art to express some of their grief feelings and help sort through some of their loss experiences.

Spring Break and Summer Series all ages

Children and Youth are welcomed to join us for fun group activities and 'Meaning Making' events where they can enjoy the benefits of peer interactions and aspects of different therapies such as art, pet, cooking, music, & sports, while remembering their loved one.

Saturday Kid's Club ages 4-10

Children are invited to enjoy this 4-week group where they get to make crafts, play games, and do art pieces in memory of their loved one while creating meaningful connections with their peers. This group was formed in special consideration of caregivers/family schedules and the difficulty some may have to attend groups during the weekdays and evenings. 

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