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As leaders in bereavement and palliative support services the Abbotsford Hospice Society is building upon the diverse volunteer base that forms the foundation of our community support system.

As a non-profit registered charity, the Abbotsford Hospice Society relies on its volunteers to play a key role in all of our services and programs.


To maintain the high quality of our volunteer program, we place a great deal of care and attention on volunteer intake, training and ongoing support.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:
  • Client Support Volunteers

    • One-to-one Companion Volunteers - bereavement and palliative support, including "high tea" on the palliative unit and at Holmberg House for residents and their loved ones.

    • Hospital and Facility Visiting Volunteers

    • Experienced Support Group Facilitators

  • Society Support Volunteers

    • Office Support Volunteers

    • Special Events & Fundraising Volunteers**

  • Complimentary Therapy Providers**

    • Hairdressers, estheticians, musicians (piano, guitar, harp, voilin...), massage therapists, reflexology, reiki & healing touch, etc...

** These types of volunteer roles do not require the full volunteer training, a 3-hour training course and 2 references will be required. ​

Candidates are required to meet the following general criteria:
  • All candidates will complete a pre-training interview

  • Have two satisfactory personal references

  • Successfully complete a criminal background check

  • You must wait at least one year after a significant loss in order to focus on your own healing

  • Must have a good command of the English language, both verbal and written

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must possess a high level of maturity in order to meet the unique needs of our patients, families and staff

  • Must be able to make a minimum 12 month commitment, in any capacity

Some of the Benefits you can expect from being an AHS volunteer include:
  • Having the privilege of sharing ‘the journey’ with clients/residents and their loved ones.

  • Developing and strengthening skills and abilities in communication, compassion, and caring (Volunteers are well-rounded, learning skills they can use on the job, at home or in communicating with others)

  • Gaining new experiences (Volunteering gives you the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds)

  • Feeling the personal satisfaction of helping others

  • Making a difference in your community

  • Becoming a valued member of a dedicated and supportive interdisciplinary team

  • Gaining deeper knowledge about life, death and bereavement

  • Opportunities for growth through volunteer training and regular learning opportunities

  • Giving your time, talents and skills to those in need

Our Volunteers...
  • Have a wide range of life experiences and skills

  • Have completed Hospice selection processes and met the necessary training requirements

  • Are respectful of personal choices and an individual's right to make their own decisions, even about their death

  • Appreciate the dynamics of race and cultural practices and are tolerant of life style, cultural diversities, and value systems — they may be bilingual, racially, or culturally diverse themselves

  • Respect the right of privacy for clients and their families and are aware of the need for client and medical confidentiality

  • Provide services to those who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses, and to their families, extended families, caregivers or friends who are grieving an anticipated death

  • Companion those who are at the end of life, providing emotional support in hospital or at home

  • When requested, provide or arrange spiritual support of any nature

  • Provide support to families, extended families, caregivers and friends already bereaved by past deaths