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Adult Grief & Loss Support

Grief is a healthy and natural response to loss.

We offer services that are designed to support you in your grief journey.

Grief is a natural, normal, expected, and healthy response to losing someone or something that is important to us. However, the death of someone close to you will alter your world, impact your life emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your grief will be uniquely shaped by your personality, relationship with the deceased, age, personal health and outlook, family and friends, and many other influencing factors. It is important to know your grief journey will not follow a set path nor timeline and needs can be diverse.

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Our grief and loss support services include in-person one-to-one companioning, virtual and/or telephone support, a variety of bereavement support groups, education, information, and special workshops & events. 

Grief Support One-to-One Companions

Companioning is about listening with the heart, bearing witness to the struggles of others, and walking alongside. A Grief Support Companion is a caring, trained AHGSS volunteer who will give you uninterrupted time in a safe, non-judgmental environment to talk about your loved one and how their death is affecting you. AHGSS offers eight grief support companion sessions, free of charge.

Facilities Visitation

AHGSS volunteers provide bereavement support for individuals in hospital or long term care facilities.

Community Crisis Support

AHGSS staff can assist community groups by providing group or individual support in times of crisis related to a death.

Grief Support Groups

Grief support groups are offered to give you a place to share your grief story in the company of others who 'get it'. Please note: it is recommended that you wait three months from the death of a loved one before joining a grief support group.

 Current Adult Grief Support Groups offered:

Intakes and registration can be scheduled at any time. If the current group schedule does not work for you, please note that one-to-one grief support is available at all times as is our group waitlist.

For more information on any of our Adult Grief Support services please email Susanne Fehr, Palliative and Training Director 

or call 604-852-2456 ext. 419

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