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Disney Comes to Holmberg House

Grandma Ada loves Disneyland and has shared that love with her children and grandchildren during 23 visits to the Magic Kingdom. Each grandchild has had a special trip with Grandma for their 10th birthday and this year would have been Katie's turn. However, Ada is in Holmberg House so the trip for Katie would unfortunately not be possible. So, as an alternate idea, a Disney themed birthday party in Grandma’s room was planned, complete with a Mickey cake, Disney balloons and a Snow-White costume for Katie. When our staff heard about the plans for the party, we knew we wanted to do something to help make this special for both Grandma and Katie. We reached out to Ever After Character Co. in Chilliwack and when we explained the situation they graciously and enthusiastically offered to visit here and surprise Katie with some princess time after all!

There were beaming smiles, gasps, and some tears as the beautifully gowned princesses walked into Holmberg House. What a delightful, amazing gift for Katie and her Grandma! Cinderella and her friend “Unicorn” spent close to an hour with the birthday girl - singing, playing games and teaching her princess things. It was a delightful afternoon for Katie and Ada, and all those who shared in the experience will not soon forget this special day and the difference it made in someone’s end of life journey by creating a lasting memory for a little girl who was turning 10.

We have said before that palliative and bereavement support can come in so many different, non-traditional forms. It is evident that creating some 'normal life' memories can be the most impactful and valuable to families. We are so honoured to be a part of some of these memories.


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