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Honouring life and sharing in grief

The Abbotsford Hospice & Grief Support Society helps children, youth, adults and their families as they cope with grief, death and dying through skilled and compassionate support, education, and advocacy.

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Our team of Hospice Society staff and trained volunteers provide compassionate, end of life support to palliative patients, their family and friends. This support is provided in the Abbotsford Regional Hospital, in their home or at Holmberg House Hospice.

Our team strives to ensure the best quality of life possible during a difficult time.

End of Life Care
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With grief there are no absolutes, nor is there a specific timeline. We meet you 'where you are at' and, together, we will help you determine your next steps. All of our programs provide a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental environment, supportive of learning and greater understanding around grief and your own personal grief journey.

Grief & Loss
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As grief affects all ages, we offer grief support for the entire family with a creative program designed specifically for children and youth. Our Services are designed to allow children & youth the opportunity to explore feelings in a supportive environment, develop skills to better manage their grief in safe and healthy ways and recognize that they are not alone.

Children & Youth Support


Supporting individuals & families since 1985

Abbotsford Hospice & Grief Support Society and Holmberg House is a centre where people within our community come for palliative care and support during times of grief and loss.

Holmberg House is a beautiful 10 bed facility which provides dignified end-of-life care for adults from age 19. But there is so much more that goes on inside the walls of Holmberg House. The programs here provide support for all members of the family affected by the death of their loved one.


The Children’s Program runs on the belief that any child old enough to love is old enough to grieve. They are allowed to explore their feelings in a supportive environment through art, play and with other kids with similar issues.

Adult grief support is a program that continues to grow at AHS with many groups being added. Groups for widows, parents, and perinatal loss continue to be services that our community needs and AHS is filling that need.

"Grief and death are sometimes a hard subject to talk about, or walk through. That is why hospice is so vital to our community. They help individuals by offering them support, love and compassion - and they do this so well!

I praise their service to our community and I would encourage each one of us to think about how we can support such an important work."


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