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Hello Volunteers!!

Here is a page of information just for you! 


"Volunteering at the End of Life"

A Huffington Post article about Hospice volunteering


"What Really Matters at the End of Life"

"Compassion & the True Meaning of Empathy"

Ted Talk by Joan Halifax


"Moments of Life Website"

A site about how hospice and palliative care make meaningful moments possible.

"Hospice Volunteering Blog"

Follow a Hospice Volunteer through her 15 year volunteering journey

"Canadian Virtual Hospice"

Information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, loss, and grief


Palliative care news, views, and inspiration from around the world. 

Book Reviews:

Bev is one of our valued volunteers and part of her work is in the AHS library.  She not only keeps the shelves stocked but she’s also an avid reader.  Check out some of her book reviews!


If you would like to submit a book review (even for a book already reviewed), please submit it to


by Scott Campbell & Phyllis Silverman

by Rachel Remen

"Kitchen Table Wisdom"


by Pat McNees