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Palliative Services

AHS provides caring and professional support for palliative clients and their loved ones in a variety of settings

Getting the Support You Need


When the time is right for palliative support, Abbotsford Hospice Society offers a variety of services to address psycho-social, spiritual and practical issues, at no cost to clients and their families.


Palliative Services


Abbotsford Hospice Society offers Palliative services through Hospice Companions who are trained client-support volunteers. They are a comfortable presence for the dying and their families. Companions understand the importance of sitting with people and listening to their stories.

Palliative Services are offered in a number of settings:


Holmberg House Hospice 


Hospice companions support the residents of Holmberg House, Abbotsford’s adult hospice. Services include companioning, complimentary therapies such as music, pet visiting, aesthetic services, refreshments and activities.

Support for Palliative Complex Care Unit (PCCU) Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

Hospice companions support both patients and their loved ones at the PCCU by interacting with them and providing refreshments.

In-Home Palliative Support

Hospice companions offer an encouraging presence to support the dying and their families in the patient’s home.

Anticipatory Grief

Hospice Support is available to caregivers who are living with the impending death of a loved one. Individual and group support is available to encourage caregivers as they explore changing roles and relationships, self-care and stress management, grief and loss, and planning for the future.

Vigil Services

Abbotsford Hospice Society believes that no one should have to die alone. Hospice companions may be available to keep vigil with a patient during the final 72 hours of life. This service may be offered in Holmberg House, the PCCU, or the patient’s residence.


Spiritual Care Services

At end-of-life there are often questions pertaining to spirituality. AHS respects cultural and religious diversity and can provide spiritual support if requested through our hospice companions or by referring to local spiritual care practitioners.