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Stories from our Volunteers

The Power of Music

My mother walked her last journey at the Abbotsford Hospice in 2016. During her two week stay, she received wonderful care from the staff and the volunteers.  Ever since her passing, I always wanted to volunteer at Holmberg house. I started singing for the residents in November 2018. Each time, I feel my mom’s spirit still lingers. I am thankful to have kind people often come forward and give me warm moral support and encouragement. I praise God who gives me this precious opportunity to touch people’s hearts.

I started singing at the hospice in Nov 2018. Sometimes people walked by ignoring me, other times people closed doors on me. Do you recall that I almost quit at one time due to the cold shoulders I felt? However, at times some come to me with warm praise and moral supports. I made friends with some. One thing really amazes me: I always get compliments from the same room, i.e. 208, the room my mom stayed in. This Tuesday, family members from 208 came to tell me that my singing touched them and made them emotional. They came to thank me multiple times. I did tell them about my mom and the last song I sang was a tribute I wrote for her.  I feel elated every time when I know my singing touched someone's heart.

Every effort is worthy.


The Privilege of Volunteering

It is such a privilege to volunteer with AHS as a grief companion and to journey with someone through the painful process of grief.   I get the joy of watching ‘the light come back on in their eyes’ as they learn to see the past as the past, and to fully live in the present without worrying about the future.   It has been an extremely rewarding opportunity for me personally, thank you!


Treasured Time

The first time I went to hospice was when I was taking my “assigned family shift” to visit my husband’s grandmother.  I quickly began to treasure our time together as it seemed she had saved all the best stories and affections for these months.  I knew I would continue the work after she had passed even though I didn’t know what it would look like.


After becoming a volunteer for Abbotsford Hospice Society, the opportunity to paint for the Oxygen for the Soul campaign was announced and I poured out those treasures on canvas.


Being a volunteer for this society has provided me with so many opportunities to grow in relational skills to give back to other families who are experiencing the hardest seasons in their life.


~ Misty Bedwell