"When I was travelling in Turkey, every little restaurant had lentil soup on the menu. Every one was different and more delicious than the last. More than once I asked for the recipe, and every time I was told, "Oh, I can't. This is my great grandmother's recipe." I honor those grandmas every time I make a poor attempt at lentil soup."

~Keyna Burden, AHS Staff

Shared Memories from Our Kitchen

It is in the kitchen where the warmth of shared memories, laughter, and life create a recipe that spans the generations

There is a powerful connection between memories and food. The smells, textures, and flavours remind us of simpler times, times in the kitchen, times at the table with loved ones, and times of laughter and joy.

Give the gift of memories. By purchasing a cookbook you are not only providing important care to the residents of Holmberg House and the grieving, but will be creating and passing on memories of good smells, tastes, and textures to future generations.

Cookbooks are available online or in-office, and can be picked up at the AHS office. 

Purchase the "Shared Memories from Our Kitchen" Cookbook
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